TrueFoam 300

A Type 3 product manufactured for applications that require a high R-value and exceptional moisture resistance

TrueFoam 300 combines an R-value of 4.26 per inch (RSI of 0.75 per 25mm) with high moisture resistance and Type 4 compressive strength.  These characteristics allow TrueFoam 300 to serve a wide range of insulation applications, such as cavity walls, frame walls and masonry wall interiors and exteriors.

Physical Properties

Analyses show that TrueFoam 300 Type 3 Expanded Polystyrene is comparable to other competitive materials, such as Styrospan extruded polystyrene.

Newfoundland Styro 300 is the most cost-effective product for applications requiring high R-value and moisture resistance.

Physical Properties Requirements

This table provides a comparison of the Physical Properties of Dow SM and TrueFoam 300 under the requirements of CAN / ULC –S701 - 2005.

TrueFoam 300

  • Test results provided by Intertek ETL SEMKO
  • Manufactured in compliance with CAN/ULC-S701-2005
  • CCMC Evaluation #13317-L
  • CAN/ULC tested for fire resistance as per:  CAN/ULC-S101-M,  CAN/ULC-S107-M,  CAN/ULC-S126-M

NOTE:  All Newfoundland Styro EPS is manufactured with BASF Styropor and is certified by Warnock Hersey
Under certification #L22439       CCMC# 13317-L

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